Building a New Home Addition for Toronto Homeowners

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Building a New Home Addition for Toronto Homeowners

Building a New Home Addition for Toronto Homeowners

It is no secret how unpredictable the housing market can be, therefore it’s no wonder new home additions have been a rising trend in Toronto. Short of all out investing in a new house, designing and building a new home addition is the most advantageous way to gain a return on your real estate investment, maximize living space and ultimately getting the most out of your already existing home and property. Whether you need an additional bedroom, extra kitchen space, or any of the other endless customization possibilities, new home additions are an effective approach for you and your family to build your perfect home.
Before you start with the handy work, there are a few essential things you will need to consider in your planning. Ten out of ten times it is recommended to consult and hire a licensed professional general contractor if you don’t want to take the risk of making any time consuming mistakes.

Getting a Building Permit for New Home Additions in Toronto

In order to take on any home improvement project, one needs to apply with the City of Toronto Building office for a building permit. A building permit is essentially permission from the city to allow your renovations or new home addition to begin on your property. Of course, the City of Toronto only grants permits to projects that comply with local zoning bylaws, Ontario Building Code, and meet the safety standards of all levels.
Here is a list of some common home improvement projects that require a building permit by the City of Toronto:
  • Construct/demolish a detached additional structure
  • Construct a house or addition to a house
  • Demolish a house or addition to a house
  • Construct a basement entrance
  • Excavate a basement to increase headroom
You can find the fees and forms for applying for a building permit on the City of Toronto website.

Types of New Home Additions

Every family could always use more space in their homes. The possibilities are absolutely limitless when it comes to designing and building an addition to your home to get all the space your family needs. Here are some different ways you can take advantage of your property and transform it into the space your family needs:
  • Lateral additions to increase square footage of a room
  • Vertical additions to create an additional level in your home
  • Garage additions
  • Increase the space in the kitchen
  • Add a sunroom or conservatory
  • New bedroom
  • Master suite additions

When Should You Consult a Contractor?

Having the opportunity to create your dream home is a wonderful thing. A successful general contractor takes pride in assisting Toronto homeowners with the design and building of their new home additions. It is recommended that you always consult with an accredited and qualified professional licensed general contractor with plenty of experience to back him or her up. By hiring the right general contractor right away, before even applying for a building permit, homeowners are ensuring a successful new home addition built to exceptional standard on budget and on time.

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